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Introducing the brand new Maserati MC20: The Maserati Super Sports Car that is the first of its kind. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic racing heritage, the MC20 continues pushing Maserati forward. Its sleek, modern design combined with performance-minded engineering makes the car stand apart from the competition. Discover the future of Maserati with the MC20’s combination of elegance and power.

Maserati’s first all-new product in seven years, the strength of the MC20 lies within. The 3.0L V6 engine generates 621 horsepower using patented technology. Made with racing in mind, the Netuno Engine gives the MC20 a top speed of over 202 mph. Capable of accelerating to 60 mph in under 2.9 seconds, velocity is at the heart of this super car. Combine that with an aerodynamic body, the MC20 delivers a thrilling experience to every driver.


The lightweight frame of the MC20 allows for maximum speed and acceleration. The mid-engine vehicle also features a Carbon Fiber Monocoque for increased power, safety, and performance. Featuring four driving modes, the MC20 allows for a tailored experience. Use GT mode for the open road, Sport mode on the track, Corsa mode for exhilarating acceleration, and Wet mode for precision control in any environment.


With a fully digitized interior, the Maserati MC20 gives drivers every modern feature they need. The touchscreen display allows you to monitor the car’s performance for an in depth look at your drive. Every feature is designed to enhance the behind-the-wheel experience. In every aspect, the MC20 truly leaps into the future of Maserati while remaining faithful to its original Italian racing legacy. Now it is easier than ever to feel connected to the power of your Maserati.


Both inside and out, the MC20 captivates with its striking beauty. The gorgeous exterior blends timeless beauty with modern flair guaranteed to turn heads. Distinctively designed, every feature of the MC20, from the butterfly doors to the engine’s growl stands out. For the driver, the luxurious interior enhances the thrill of operating a sports car. The minimalist cabin allows you to focus fully on the road ahead. Every element is purposeful and distinctive. Blending performance with elegance, the MC20 is the beginning of a new chapter in Maserati’s Italian racing legacy.

Merging inspiration from what came before with design built for the future. The Maserati MC20 marries luxury and power into a car which will establish its own legacy. A step forward into a new decade, the MC20’s design represents a new higher standard for performance. Discover how the MC20 can boldly bring you into the future. Get behind the wheel and immerse yourself in a driving experience that builds on Maserati’s rich racing pedigree.

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